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Shrink Wrap Tutorial

To make a simple dress from a cylinder prop using the Shrink Wrap tool in the Poser Tool Box


Start by loading the figure into the scene. Any hidden body parts will be excluded from the calculation. (This will also speed up the process).

Load any props you want to aid in the shaping and parent them to a visible body part. Here I have loaded in the 32x64 cylinder supplied with the Poser Tool Box and used its morphs to form the shape of the skirt.


Load in the wrapper prop. Here I am using another 32x64 cylinder, this time positioned, scaled and morphed to give the starting point shown shown on the right.


Following the directions given in the Poser Tool Box instructions I selected the figure followed by the wrapper prop and then clicked the Shrink Wrap button.

When the process had completed it looked like the image on the right.


At this point I deleted the white prop that I had been using as a former. It had done its job and no longer needed to be in the scene.

Next I selected the red wrapper prop and navigated to the Smooth and Inflate buttons found in the Geometries section of the Poser Tool Box. For this particular example I clicked the Smooth button four times followed by the Inflate All button four times. Different models will require different degrees of smoothing and inflation. You will almost always requires some. I set it up this way to give the maximum degree of user flexibility.


To finish off I took the model into the Cloth Room to allow the lower portion of the dress to form a more natural look. To prevent this dress from slipping off during the Cloth Room simulation I assigned the top row of vertices to the constrained group.


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