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Array Wrap Tutorial

To create a spiral staircase using the simple box prop and the Array tool from the Poser Tool Box.


1) Load the Poser Box primitive into the scene, position and scale it to the proportions suitable for a single tread.

2) Export in OBJ format. Retain group names if required.

3) Import the saved OBJ. Leave all of the import options un-selected. The box will then be correctly positioned in the scene with all its scaling dials set at 100% This will be our first stair tread.

4) The prop will rotate about its center. For a spiral stair we will need to have the center of rotation offset. To achieve this open the Joint Editor and drag the green center cross hairs over to one side as shown on the right.

5) Save the stair tread to the prop library

6) To determine the position of one tread in relation to another, load the saved prop back into the scene.

7) Position the stair as shown in the image on the right.

8) With the higher tread selected go to Edit/Copy. This will place all the tread's dial information onto the clipboard.

9) You can now delete the upper tread, it has done its job. You will need to retain the lower one.

10) Open Notepad and use Edit/Paste. You will get a result similar to below. You will be able to see the offsets and rotations required between successive treads.

11) In the Poser Tool Box Array section click on:-

12) In poser 6 you will get the pop up window shown on the right. Using Notepad as a reference input the required values where indicated. (For Poser 5 and Pro Pack you will need to input the values directly into the UNIVERSE actor see details here)

13) Finally ensure that the first tread is the selected actor in the scene then click the Create Array button to automatically form the spiral staircase.

14) If you need to do over click the undo button.





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