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This tutorial will explain how to create and work with morph targets in Poser. It is not essential to have the Poser Tool Box but it will make life easier. In much the same as there are more ways to skin a cat, there are many ways to create and manipulate morphs. Various work flows will be presented, pick the one that best fits your particular need or even adopt a mix and match approach. We should probably start by asking ........

What is a morph target?

A morph target is a variation of the original model's geometry stored in such a way that a blend between the original and altered vertices may be easily controlled. In the example on the left the original open eyed model was edited to close the right eye. This altered geometry was loaded as a morph target to give the "Blink Right" parameter dial. Changing the value of the parameter dial opens and closes the eye.

How to create morph targets

1) In Poser using a combination of existing morph targets.

Right Eye Blink Morph
Smile Morph
Blink and Smile Morph

Set the right eye blink morph followed by the smile morph. Now with the head selected go to the Poser menu Object\Spawn Morph Target. When prompted fill in a suitable name and click the "OK". Reset the smile and blink morphs. Look down the parameter dials and you will find the new one for blink + smile. Operate that to see the effect.

2) In Poser using magnets.

Please start by viewing this video over view.

Points to note:-

  • The base acts as a point of reference for the magnet. All translations, scaling and rotations will be relative to the center of the base.
  • Changing the display style of the elements can help you see what part of the model is being affected by the magnet.

Advanced features

Magnet Zone Falloff

It is possible to control the fall off effect of the Magnet Zone.

With the Zone selected go to its properties window and click on the "Edit Falloff Graph" button.

Moving the spline nodes changes the fall off effect. If all the nodes are on placed on the upper limit then there is no fall off; the effect is truly linear.

To add nodes simply click on the red curve.

To remove nodes click and drag across a node to highlight it then use the keyboard delete key.

Influencing extra body parts

If you want a deformation to span several body parts:-

  1. Select the magnet.
  2. Go to its properties window
  3. Click the "Add Element to deform" button.
  4. Select the desired body part from the list of scene elements.
  5. Click the OK
  6. Repeat for the next body part.

With over 50 body parts in a figure this can get tedious. The Poser Tool Box has a tool to perform this task in one button click.

For each required body part select the Poser menu Object\Load Morph Target. When prompted browse to the relevant file. In put a name. Click the OK.

If you want to create a full body morph go through each body part in turn and set the new morph dial to 1.000. Then use the Poser menu Figure\Create Full Body Morph. Now go through each body part resetting the morph dials to zero.

With over 50 body parts these tasks can get very tedious and time consuming . The Poser Tool Box has time saving tools to perform each of these tasks automatically.

Finally save the figure to the Poser library.

Deforming selected polygons

It is possible to further refine the parameters of the Magnet Zone such that only selected polygons will be affected by the magnet.

1) Start by selecting the body part.

2) Click on the Grouping Tool to open the Group Editor window.

3) Click the "New Group" button.

4) Type in a name for the new group.

5) Use the "+" and "-" tools to define the area that you want selected.

6) With the body part selected use the Poser menu Object\Create Magnet to load a magnet into the scene.

7) Select the Magnet Zone and go to its properties panel.

8) Select the "Group" option

9 Select your new group from the drop down list.

10) Now when you alter the magnet parameters only the polygons in the new group will be selected.

11) When satisfied with the result select the body part and use the Poser menu Object\Spawn Morph Target.

Note that when the figure is saved back to the library Poser will also save a new OBJ file specifically for this figure. If required the CR2 file may be edited so that the two reference lines to the OBJ file point to the original geometry. This will not affect the new morph.

Saving Magnets

With the magnet selected open the Prop library and navigate to the section into which you want the magnet saved.

Click the "+" icon at the bottom of the library window.

In the popup window type in a name for the magnet set.

Next click the "Select Subset" button and select all the elements that make up a magnet set; the base, the zone and the magnet. Multiple magnet sets may be save in at the same time.

Click the "OK's" to finish.


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