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Poser Tool Box is a set of Poser utilities created by PhilC

Poser 5 and later up to and including Poser 11 PC & Mac


Orders are processed manually. I aim to do this as quickly as possible and certainly within 24 hours but it will not be instantaneous. Please ensure that you include your correct email address and that your email client is set to accept messages from pcooke@philc.net and jlcooke@bellsouth.net.

Shrink to fit Face Putty


Includes Shrink to Fit, Face Putty and many more fun to use utilities and tools. Click on the page links above for full details then review the tutorials below.


Shrink to fit How to make a simple dress out of a cylinder.
Arrays How to create a spiral staircase.
Custom Control Cages How to create custom control cages.
Morphs & Magnets On screen video explaining magnets, plus morph creation tutorial.

Although as shown in the above link to the tutorial it is relatively easy to adapt an existing cage to meet your needs here is a link to some extra ones. Includes V4.1 and V4.2 Suggest that you use the base version of these figures since the regular version contains so many magnets that Poser will possibly grind to a halt. Once you have spawned a morph you will be able to copy it over into the regular figure.

Registering the plug in
The plug in needs to be registered before it can be used. Details are in the readme.

End User Licence



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