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Orders are processed manually. I aim to do this as quickly as possible and certainly within 24 hours but it will not be instantaneous. Please ensure that you include your correct email address and that your email client is set to accept messages from pcooke@philc.net and jlcooke@bellsouth.net.

The Shoe Designer provides a method whereby shoes in multiple styles may be made for a wide range of Poser figures.

For a current list of supported figures click here. Note that a number of figures are interchangable. For example all the Poser G2 males have identically shaped and jointed feet as do the G2 females. If KojiG2 is not listed simply use JamesG2. If JessiG2 is not listed simply use SydneyG2.

Third party modeling skill required :- None

Required Poser skill level:- Competent. If you know how to load a figure from the library and apply poses and textures to it you will be able to use this product.

Texturing skill:- It is in this area that I anticipate the bulk of your creative time will be spent. Some basic textures are included. They are primarily supplied to act as examples of how to use the Material Room to best advantage. Click here for more details.

This is intended to provide a quick, fun way of creating Poser footwear, it is not intended to compare with the highly skilled art of hand modeling individual designs using a 3D modeling application.

The EULA will now allow you to redistribute the completed footwear in a similar way to the Clothing Designer. The Shoe Designer is a tool, you may not redistribute the tool but you may redistribute the result.

Registering the plug in
The plug in needs to be registered before it can be used. Details are in ShoeDesigner_readme.txt
Shoe Designer_license.txt

The software must be registered before it can be used. Simply fill in the details in the How_to_register_your_software.txt file and email them to me at pcooke@philc.net . I will then email you back your own personal unlock file. Unlock files are not transferable.

Once you have received and installed the unlock file select the Poser menu item "Window" followed by "Python Scripts" In the Python Script window that appears click on one of the empty buttons and navigate to the file Runtime:Python:poserScripts:PhilC:Shoe Designer:start_ShoeDesigner.py Run that script and the Python buttons will load as shown above.

Poser 7 users may use the starter script in the Poser Script\PhilC menu but you will still need to open the Python script window manually.

The very first time you use the Shoe Designer click the "Utilities" button followed by the "Decode OBJ Files" button. The geometry files as supplied are encoded, this will decode them. You only need to do this once. I've chosen to do it this way so that it will be much easier to distribute any future updates.


  1. Load the Boots Base figure from the PhilC Designs\Shoe Designer folder of the figures library.
  2. Load the figure that will be wearing the shoes/boots.
  3. Use the "Super Zero Figure" button in the script's utilities to fully zero the figure.
  4. Select the boots and apply the pose relevant to your selected figure from the Pose library PhilC Designs\Shoe Designer folder.
  5. Shape the boot/shoe using the built in morphs and red control nodes.
  6. You may apply textures at any time.
  7. Once the boot/shoe is the desired shape and you are sure that no further manipulation of the morphs will be required click the "Make Conforming" button. This will convert the boots/shoes into a conforming figure that may then be saved to the library.
  8. It would be wrong to say that no joint parameter editing is ever necessary however adjustments when required will be minimal. See page 2 for details

Important notes:-

  1. Should you have occasion to delete the base shoe figure be sure that you use the "Delete Control Figure" button found in the utilities menu. If you use the Poser menu Figure\Delete figure the script that controls the node highlighting will not be turned off. It will effectively continue to search for a figure that no longer exists. This can cause Poser to slow down or even crash.





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