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PhilC Designs Ltd -- WinZip tutorial

This tutorial will go through the steps that are needed to install files into Poser that have been supplied in a WinZip Archive. The tutorial is for PC users. It does not cover Macs. It is based on the assumption that the directory structure has been included in the WinZip archive. All PhilC Poser archives fall into this category. You will also first have to have WinZip installed on your computer. This is available from http://www.winzip.com/ Other decompression software exists. I believe each comes with a help file. This tutorial only deals with WinZip.

Download the file and locate it in Windows Explorer. If you have downloaded it to the Windows Desktop the same applies. Find the file.

Double click on the file. This will open the WinZip window. Some Zip files contain other zip files within them so we will deal with that here. Otherwise you can skip this section and jump to here.

Notice that there is a readme file listed. ALL my downloads will have some form of readme, info or instruction file. One reason I've started to use zips within zips is so that it makes the instructions much easier to find. The readme file contains instructions on how to install the files. Poser files and in particular Poser Python scripts must be installed correctly or else they will not work. This is why reading the instructions is such a good idea. You can read the readme file by double clicking on the readme.txt icon shown in the file list in the WinZip window.

We could double click one each of the enclosed ZIP files and finalize the installation but what I'll run through here is an alternative which may be easier to control. We'll extract these zips and the readme to a temporary folder. Click on the "Extract" icon and you will be presented with a window similar to below:-

I want to extract to a temporary directory within the Downloads folder. The "New Folder" button/icon varies with different versions of WinZip but your version will have one. Click on it to bring up the next window:-

Type in a name and click the "OK" You will then see that the folder has been created.

Ensure that "All Files" has been selected then click the "Extract" button and the files will be extracted to the directory.

We can now proceed to extract the individual zip files. In this example the readme file instructs me that I should install the CD_ALL.zip first. Different downloads will have different instructions. Its always a very good idea to read the instructions. Double click on the required zip file. This will bring up the WinZip window:-

Next click the Extract icon. Then depending on what the instructions said pick a folder to install to. All my Python scripts MUST be extracted to the Poser folder of the version of Poser that you are running. The majority of my figures, conforming clothing etc may be extracted to either the Poser folder or a remote Poser library. Do not extract to the runtime or download folder or any other folder unless specifically instructed to do so. If you were to use the self extractor with in Poser it would force the files into the Download folder. This is why my instructions are written the way they are.

In either case you should ensure that the options:-

  • All Files
  • Overwrite existing files
  • Use folder names

are selected unless specifically instructed otherwise.

With all that addressed click the extract button and the job is done.

The files will have been correctly installed, folders will have been created as required.

For details of how to create a zip archive for Poser files see WinZip Tutorial 2

Please let me know if this helps or if there is anything that is not clear.

Thank you


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