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This tutorial will go through the steps that are needed to compile an archive of Poser files. The archive will be so constructed that it retains the file folder information and hence make it easy to be subsequently extracted into Poser, or a remote Poser Runtime. Two methods are shown, the first using Windows Explorer, the second using Winzip.

For details of how to install Poser files from a zip archive see WinZip Tutorial 1

The second method using WinZip is outlined below.

Whenever I start a new project for Poser I create a new folder for it in My Documents. I use this to store all my reference and development files. When everything is completed and I wish to distribute the work I create a "dummy" Runtime in which to store a copy of all the completed Poser files. The directory structure exactly matches the one inside Poser. In the above screen shot you can see where I have copied over the CR2 and PNG files from my Poser installation. If we were to expand the other folders we would see for example the project OBJ files within the Geometries:PhilC:Sydney folder.

When everything is in place right click the indicated "Runtime" folder and a pop up menu similar to the one on the right will appear. There will probably be slight differences depending on the version of Windows/WinZip that you are using but the method will be the same.

Select "Add to Runtime.zip" and WinZip will automatically create a new archive containing all the files in the folders Runtime and below. It will also record the folder in which they are stored.

The archive will be created in the folder above Runtime. In this example that would be "Bib Overalls". The archive will be called "Runtime.zip" You may rename this to something more suitable. Notice that all the required folder information has been recorded correctly.

For details of how to install Poser files from such a zip archive see WinZip Tutorial 1

Hope this helps :)


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