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PhilC Designs is me, Phil Cooke and my wife Jan. She keeps me and the office accounts in order. One of these tasks is much more difficult that the other and she excels at both :)

I used to be a plumber and just messed around with 3D graphics and Poser as a hobby. We moved from the UK to the States in '99. That is, I moved to, and Jan moved back to, since Jan was originally from Indiana. We settled in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. I took a job with a company that produced kitchen design software as their second trainer. I would go to the companies that had purchased the software and teach them how to use it. Fun job, I got to travel around a lot of the States, but then the company downsized and that size was me.

I've worked for myself most of my adult life so I decided to put all of my efforts into the 3D graphics and make a go of it. Now nine years later it is still going and I'm having the time of my life. Plus it looks like the boss is not going to fire me any time soon :)

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