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Poser Pro Owners and developers of the Poser Program. Without it you don't get to play
DAZ3D Creators of the Poser characters and Millennium figures.
Renderosity A place to exchange ideas and get questions answered. Large freestuff section.
3dCommune Online 3D community
The World's most effective Poser 5 training.
Truespace by Caligari The 3D modeling program that I use to make my creations.
UVMapper UVMapper by Steve Cox. I use it expensively to produce my texture templates and edit the materials and groups within an OBJ file.
3DExplorer View your 3D models in a windows style browser. Performs almost every file conversion except base metal into gold.
Truespace plugin enabling Poser scenes to be loaded into Truespace complete with animation and textures.
OBJ and COB file conversion/editing utilities
John Stallings CR2 Editor version 1.51 Like it says, it enables you to edit the CR2 and other Poser files. (You may need to right click/save target as)

Objaction Mover by Maz

Morph Manager

Enables the legitimate sharing of copy written Poser material by encryption of the OBJ file.

Easily manage the morphs in a Poser file.


Free or very low priced 3D model creation programs.
3-D Arena A place to find great 3-D items for your imaging needs, a forum, a store and free downloads.
maleposer.com A site dedicated to the much overlooked Poser Men
3-D Arena Poser models in that particular Nerd style. A must see site.
Runtime DNA provides a radical alternative to altering the DNA of your Poser Runtime files. Featuring the talents of Syyd Raven, Colm Jackson and Jim Dowdall.
ronknights.com A treasure trove of Poser info, links and resources.
www.sams3d.com So much good stuff I don't know where to start. Best go check 'em out yourself :)
A great French Poser recourse site. You'll find many tutorials for the major Poser utilities there translated into French. It was Akin who kindly translated my own Poser 4 tutorial for which I am exteremly grateful.
www.mogge3d.com Can't find that page? Look through the links on this site, its bound to be listed.

Poser and Bryce community on Msn. Basically it's a place to display work, exchange views and queries. The main idea is to provide a place for everyone in particular if they have difficulty posting to newsgroups. Run by Thelema

www.hometown3d.com Up town, down town ...... Home town? Whichever town you are in you can be sure of finding Up Market Poser resorces here.

An information resource on 3D graphic. Forums, Facts and Freebies.

The original Poser Forum

Top quality Poser resources

Ultimate 3D links

210 artists from 40 Nations

An organization of 3D creators based in Hokkaido, Japan.

The home of NeftOoN GAL

mangacity.com Mangalocity is a site dedicated to all those who have an interest in becoming either manga artists, writers, or animators.

Simply amazing Poser work and textures!

3D Rendering and Animation 3D Modeling and Conversion 3d rendering and animation provide a full range of 3D Rendering 3D Animation 3D Modeling and Conversion Service including design development and modeling for the construction/ design industry

Poser freebies, gallery and forum.

General male/female and all Poser type content.

Male specific Poser content including legacy content, M2 and other figures to present.

Creative3D Films specialises in motion picture, video production and post production services.



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