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Applying Second Skin Textures
Second skin clothing is simply an image of the clothing made into a texture map that can be used in combination with the regular body texture. You can apply them as a layer over the body texture in Photoshop, flatten the layers and save a new file or you can combine them directly in Poser using the Blender node. The blender node method is shown below.

You will need to prepare a simple mask. All the areas covered by the clothing should be white, all the rest black.

To load a Blender node right click a free area in the Materials pallet. Then select New Node > Maths > blender.

Plug the original texture into Input_1

Plug the Second Skin texture into Input_2

Plug the black and white mask into the blending input. To have completely opaque clothing set the blending value to 1.000

The second skin and mask images do not need to be the same size or aspect ratio as the texture map.

Unlike a Photoshop combined texture you will not see the full result until the image is rendered. However this method is generally quicker and more flexible. You can use this same method to apply make up or tattoos.

Hope that helps :)





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