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Animation Editing

You thought it was your lucky day when you found that online library of BVH motion files on the web. You downloaded them all but when you loaded them into Poser you found to your dismay that they all placed the figure in the floor, or had it rotated 90 degrees or some such. You need to edit the body position by a set amount in every frame. If there are more than 20 frames I'm sure you are less than happy with the prospect. Here is how to do it with just a few mouse clicks. (5-20-2007 I've added another example in this forum post that you may wish to see also).

Start by opening the Animation Pallet followed by the graph display. Then select the body part that is to be changed. This might be the BODY or hip if the figure needs to be rotated or dug out of the ground. It could equally be a shoulder or other body part if you wanted to alter the angle of bend in successive frames. Your graph display will be similar to below:-

Ensure that you are at frame one and edit your figure to meet your needs. In the screen shot at the top this would mean using the yTrans dial on Dork's hip to bring him up out of the ground. Note that you can increase the range of the visible display in the graph window by dragging on the extreme end of the scroll bars. Click and drag the little white markers on the ends of the scroll bars.

Now right mouse click and drag as indicated to highlight all the frames that you need to edit. Frame 1 is already done we'll be using this as a reference in the next step.

Now for the magic, Ctrl+right mouse click and drag the whole selected block up to align with the Frame 1 position.

The result will be that you have lifted Dork out of the ground over all the selected frames but retained the animation intact. He will love you for ever :)


Hope this helps.





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