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The Power of Displacement maps

The above is simply the high resolution square prop to which a texture comprising of a front render of a face has been applied. When a displacement map is added you get the stunning result on the right. The full material room set up is as below.

The face depth map was created in Poser.

  • Remove all texture maps.
  • Remove all transparency maps
  • Set all diffuse materials to white.
  • Set all specular colours to black.
  • Turn on depth cueing
  • Use single infinite light pointing directly at the face.
  • Adjust camera to give frontal view.
  • Render -- Antialias document.
  • File -- export image.
  • In graphics application invert image.

See the paragraph on page 342 of the manual regarding Minimum Displacement bounds in the render settings. Basically if you get cracks, increase the value.

Hope this helps.





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